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Protecting Californians: Public Safety

When it comes to keeping the peace, the Davis Administration has taken a back seat to no one. Under the leadership of Governor Davis, California has funded law enforcement to its strongest level ever:

• More Cops on the Beat - Since The Governor took office, California has added more than 3,000 additional cops on the beat.

• More Parole Officers - The Governor has reduced caseloads for agents supervising high-risk parolees.

• COPS - The governor increased our investment in the Citizens' Option for Public Safety (COPS) program to its highest level ever, four years in a row.

• Rural Law Enforcement - He funded small and rural county law enforcement agencies at higher levels than any Governor in history.

• Medi-Cal Fraud - He launched the largest and most successful crackdown on Medi-Cal Fraud ever in state history.

• Amber Alert - California's AMBER Alert Network has contributed to the recovery of more than 45 abducted children. The Governor instituted specific, uniform procedures for these alerts.

• More Effective Policing - He established Law Enforcement Consortiums in key metropolitan areas so that state and federal agents can work collaboratively to supervise parolees and apprehend parole violators.

• Educating Youthful Offenders - Began a process to accredit, for the first time, all 11 high schools in the California Youth Authority System. The last school was accredited in June 2003.

In California today, there are more crime-fighting tools and technology in the hands of local law enforcement than ever before.

• Crime Labs - Invested $25 million in local crime labs throughout the state for construction, facility management, and equipment upgrades.

• Technology - Provided more than $150 million to nearly 300 law enforcement agencies for the purchase of high tech equipment.

• DNA - Allocated $50 million to law enforcement for DNA analysis of unsolved sexual assault cases. Initiated DNA testing of all prison inmates and youth wards. Today, cold crime cases are being solved at the rate of about one per day.

• Identity Theft - Expanded the High Technology Theft Apprehension and Prosecution Program to cover the entire state of California.

• War on Meth - A record investment to help local law enforcement entities to combat meth, with a focus on the Central Valley.

• Juvenile Crime - A record investment in juvenile justice programs.

• School Safety - The largest ever General Fund investment specifically for school safety.

The Governor has signed into law the toughest gun safety laws in America:

• Assault Weapons - The nation's most comprehensive ban of military-style assault weapons, including a ban on high-capacity magazines.

• Unsafe Handguns - A ban on "Saturday Night Specials" that are three times more likely to be used in a crime than any other weapon.

• One-Gun-a-Month - A one-per-month limit on handgun purchases.

• Child Safety Locks - Now required on all firearms sold or manufactured in California.

• Gun Shows - Stricter regulations for gun show licensing and promotion.

• Handgun Licensing - Requires all purchasers to pass a written test and demonstrate "safe handling."

• First-in-the-Nation Repeal of Gun Manufacturers' Liability - Repealed special immunity privileges granted exclusively to gun-makers.

Homeland Security - The Governor created the Office of Homeland Security to coordinate the state's response to terrorist threats, and to marshall state and federal resources to protect our citizens.