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Opportunity for all Californians: Veterans

Governor Davis knows that America's greatness has been built on the sacrifices of our Armed Forces in wartime. 60 years ago, they were leading the triumph over tyranny. Today, they're leading the triumph over terror.

As a Vietnam Veteran, the Governor understands the sacrifice of those who serve in our nation's armed services. His commitment to veterans has always been a personal and moral standard to bear.

In order to meet the demand for new veterans' homes, Governor Davis signed legislation to create an ambitious plan to build five new veterans' homes - totaling 1,200 new beds. It's the largest expansion of California's veterans' homes system in state history.

The Governor's efforts include:
• Increased funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs by 60%.
• Appointed California's first Inspector General of the Department of Veterans Affairs to investigate the conditions of veterans' homes.
• Allowed Filipino World War II veterans who were in the service of the US to return to their homeland while keeping their state benefits.
• Provided National Guard Members who perform domestic duty with the same benefits as Guard members who serve overseas.

Veterans' Homes
• New Homes - Announced a plan to build five new veterans homes.
• Increased Funding - $38 million to improve care at the homes.
• Cut Fees - Cut veterans homes fees for the first time since they were imposed in the 1970's. Rates for domiciliary care will be no greater than 47.5% of the members' monthly income.
• Chula Vista Veterans Home has been licensed for all of its 400 beds.

Initiatives, Bonds, and Employment for California's Veterans
• Prop. 16, the successful Veterans Homes Bond Act of 2000.
• Prop. 32, the successful $500 million Veterans Bond Act of 2000.

Reinstated the 24-hour job listing preference for veterans. This will allow a 24-hour advantage for veterans seeking employment assistance through the Employment Development Department (EDD).